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Dental implants look like as if they were your own teeth. These dental implants are durable solutions

In our dental clinic in Sopron dental implants are the most common dental treatments. Dental implants are long-term solutions. Dental implants look like as if they were your own teeth. Dental treatments, such as dental implants are quite popular in Hungary.

Dental Implants in Hungary

Implants – as if they were their own teeth … Durable, fixed dentures with quality of life.

The implants are inserted in place of the former root into the jaw (implanted). The operation is usually an outpatient under local anesthesia. After 3-6 months of healing, the crown, which is to be placed on the implant, is made in a dental master laboratory. (A prosthesis for the highest requirements: fixed, like a new own tooth.)

Dental implants are sophisticated solutions for each of the following initial situations:

  • Missing a single tooth
  • Absence of several teeth in a row of teeth
  • Lack of rear molars
  • Toothless jaw

Implants we use:

The most commonly used implant systems are the so-called screw and cylinder implants. They vary in size and shape in order to meet requirements of the respective individual jaw situation. Titanium as the material of choice has the biggest and best experience value: It is very tissue-friendly and grows together with the bone after a few months (Also, it is characterized by strong resilience and durability).

Here You can see the structure of an implant; an artificial tooth root that is inserted into the jaw, and the tooth crown which replaces the missing tooth.

Care and durability of dental implants:

During and after the implant treatment, a conscientious oral hygiene is crucial for the long-term success of the treatment, because similarly to natural teeth, the deposit of plaque is extremely harmful to implants.

Dental Implantation in Sopron

Trust in the dental professionals and in their experience:

A dental surgery, which uses implantology, will be certified only after a special training and gives you the security of a qualified and professional treatment. The patient receives an up-to-date dentistry, with the possibility of metal-free and fixed prostheses provision. Long-lasting, individual solutions with high wear comfort, highest quality and excellent aesthetics.

Guarantee of the implants is given by the dentist, in most cases 10 years.

Questions & Answers

What is meant by dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, usually in cylindrical or helical shape, which are implanted into the jaw bone to replace lost teeth. During the healing period (3 months in the mandible, maxilla in 6 months) the implant is beneath the mucous membrane, thus, the implant is protected from stress. Thereby, the implants grow together with the bone; they take the same function as natural tooth roots: You can wear dentures, e.g. crowns and bridges, or anchor removable dentures securely. At implant abutment we distinguish between implant body, which is placed in the body, and the body sections, which help to attach crowns or support-structures for prostheses on the implant body. Some people may not notice the difference. The implants improve chewing, because instead of the root the implant receives the pressure caused by chewing and initiates it into the jaw. With an artificial crown on an implant, you gain a feeling of comfort, and the aesthetics of the face is advantageously changed.

Who can be implanted?

After the preliminary investigation our dentist will advise about possible surgical treatment associated with dental implants. In order to have a successful implantation, normal wound healing capacity, overall health, adequate amount of bone material and good bone quality is needed. Good oral hygiene is essential. Before the intervention the periodontal disease and carious teeth should be treated. The bone material can be strengthened with modern procedures. There are some diseases which question implantation, e.g. diabetes, blood disorders, certain medicines.

The advantages of implants:
  • Fixed dentures, where it would be impossible.
  • Healthy neighboring teeth are saved and their position stabilized.
  • Your bite and chew ability is restored to 100%.
  • Osteoporosis (atrophy of the bone) can be prevented.
  • Pronunciation is positively influenced by implants.
  • Positive impact on facial aesthetics.
  • Enhanced comfort by implants even for prostheses wearer: stabilization of the prosthesis and thereby improved functionality, aesthetics and phonetic – obviously well into old age.
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