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Treatment of Periodontitis

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Periodontology is a science, that deals with the prevention, treatment and investigation of the teeth.

Our dental clinic in Sopron is one of the few dental clinics in Sopron, that run on periodontology. Our chef medical, Dr. Tibor Olasz is a specialist of different areas of dental treatments in Hungary, one of that is periodontology, Periodontitis dental treatments. Just a few dentists engage in these dental treatments in Hungary.

Periodontology in Sopron, Hungary

Psychologically it means a lot for you if you can live with your own teeth, and last but not least there is a much smaller financial burden.

Periodontics is a science that deals with the prevention, cure and research of periodontal diseases. The periodontium is an organic unity of the gums, periodontal fibers, cement and the alveolar bone.

What are the causes?

The frequency of periodontal diseases gets higher with age. In most cases, the cause of the damage of the tooth bed is an inflammation. Common diseases and genetic factors may influence the healing process and its success critically. The inflammation is caused and preserved by local factors. The initial characteristics of inflammation are the temporary, then regular bleeding of the gums during meals, during brushing teeth, and short after brushing the teeth the re-emerging poor oral odor. The progression of the process, its spread on the forming tissue is at the beginning slow but then it accelerates.

The initial inflammation of the gums and the bone-decay causing, with tooth-mobility appearing condition can be measured in years, decades. The periodontal disease process fluctuates, the so-called chronic and acute phases alternate. The chronic phase is characterized by soft gum bleeding, discoloration, excessive swelling of the gums, with the progress of the process by measurable pocket depth. The characteristics of the acute phase is pain, gum swelling, possible abscess formation, and increased tooth mobility. In this phase the process from tissue loss will be faster. The lack of symptoms of the chronic phase is misleading and does not mean the improvement of the condition or the end of the disease. The healing of gum disease, if needed, will be made by an internist. What are the phases?

Only after the record of condition compiled treatment plan and its discussion and after complete settlement of oral hygiene can be the specialist treatment made.

Treatment of Periodontitis

To preserve the natural tooth is more important for us than an implant. The elimination of harmful factors and local reasons that have caused the disease:

  • the removal of infected teeth, not obtainable teeth
  • Correction / Replacement of non-appropriate fillings
  • Correction / replacement of the crown and bridge dentures which are not acceptable periodontally
  • Elimination of chronic stress on single teeth / tooth groups

Further advances in treatment are determined by the extent of soft and hard tissue loss.

Surgical treatment in the case of a certain mass of gum damage, pocket depth, after-effects from the loss of periodontal fibers and alveolar bone is essential. The procedure is performed under local or on request under general anesthesia. The aim of the surgery is the removal of the tissue and the restoration of the harmony of alveolar bones, teeth and gum.

We also make bone formation and bone transplantation dependent on the extent and form of bone loss.

The efficiency of the treatment can we evaluated/rated after 2-3 months of the surgery. A complete recovery is expected only by a proper medical treatment, regular monitoring and with a good oral hygiene condition.

The after-treatment control, professional teeth cleaning, specialist advice and motivation is necessary at the beginning every 3 months, later every 6 months.

Questions & Answers

Wait not until your teeth loosen, walk, or form abscesses.

Periodontal diseases have a quiet and painless process?

Once You feel the pain, it can be, that it’s already too late.

If your teeth are loose, there is still help?

We can slow down this process by early treatment of tooth mobility or the loss of teeth and preserve your teeth permanently.

Most adults over 30 struggle with some kind of dental disease?
Periodontal disease in a tooth can also spread to the neighboring teeth, and so, after a certain time, you may also lose other teeth?
Periodontal diseases have effects (such as: cardiovascular disease, alopecia) on the whole body?
Periodontal disease does not exclude a successful implantation?
When is it advisable to visit a periodontist?
  • If during brushing teeth and eating your gums bleed, is reddened and swollen, or forms back
  • If you notice an unpleasant mouth odor
  • If your teeth are sensitive when biting and move
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